About Me

Just Shoot and Love Doing It!

   Photography is not just a hobby, interest or even a means to an end for me. It is, and has always been, a life long passion and curiosity; a rare curiosity that captured my imagination at an early age and has not let go since.

As a child growing up my family traveled alot, we were always on the move through much of Europe, some of Canada and then most of the United States.

From fleeing communism, then settling in to a new home, to camping trips, vacations and general escapes. These experiences provided the spark which helped me channel my creativity into still art.

This curiosity became a pursuit, and has transformed into an ambition and a way of life. My tools include a Nikon D610, Rolleiflex TRL 120mm, Zenit 12xp SRL 35mm, Minolta Light Meter IV, Imacon 949, Random Film, and my Bike.

     Daniel Dabrowski

e: info@danieldabrowski.com
     m: 647-407-2222

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